How to Do Colorgrading on Adobe Lightroom

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What You Will Learn

The secrets to editing images like a professional, creating beautiful styles from scratch with Adobe Lightroom



Learn to copy any preset you like, and how to make your own!


Color Grading

Use Lightroom to give your images a look and feel that goes beyond basic editing.


Editing Tools

Understand and lear how to use the different tools in Lightroom to edit color in photos.


Create your style

How to recreate any photo style you see online from scratch 

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Meet your instructor

Samanta Katz

Photographer and Business Educator


Hey! Sam here, I am a photographer and videographer with 12 years experience as a professional in the field. I have run my freelance business for the last 9 years, worked in ten different countries with hundreds of clients in fashion, travel and portraiture!

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Film, and a diploma in Professional Photography. I am certified in Coaching and business foundations and have done loads of training in social media and marketing.

I am here because I have a passion for teaching, and I truly believe in the power of community, because in our industry we are stronger together!

I have taught photography and editing in 6 different countries to over 100 student around the world, and I love to also teach online!

Learn to edit like this:

Get ready to learn the secrets of editing from a professional

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