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Did you know that post production is the key to a successful photography business?

Are you struggling to have a consistent look on you photos? Do you feel like your final images don't look how you envisioned? Have you ever lost files or accidentally filled up your computer?  Are you lost on how to edit, organize, and deliver photos to clients?

  • You are overwhelmed and confused about the process after you finish a shoot
  • You are worried that your clients might not love your photos or that your editing isn't good enough
  • You are questioning your skills and wether you are good enough to make it
  • You don't know where to even start with editing, there are too many YouTube videos and it's confusing
  • Mostly you just see influencers selling presets for instagram and they don't work for you

If you want to become a professional photographer and be taken seriously as a business, there is no secret to it: you have to be a professional and run a serious business. Doing post production like a pro is the step so many miss, but this is the key to success. If you want to save time, money, and energy while taking your biz to the next level,, you are in the right place!

If you are currently:  

❌ Overwhelmed and confused

❌ Not sure where to start

❌ Have no idea how edit consistently, and fast

❌ Spending hours on youTube trying to get answers

❌ You cant seem to get images to look the way you want them to

❌ Tried expensive presets that make your photos look even worse

❌ Worried you aren't skilled enough

❌ Spending hours editing and wondering if you can ever make profit from photography

❌ Swimming in files, copies and duplicates and your computer is slow

And you dream of:

✅ Making a steady income with photography, working less and making more

✅ Having clients you love and that love your work 

✅ Feeling confident and never wondering again if your equipment or your skills are good enough

✅ Having a go-to fast and efficient way to cull, edit, export and delivery images for clients

✅ Working for yourself, and setting your own hours, and have full freedom to live the life you want

✅ Having all the tools and knowledge to confidently edit photos exactly the way you want to

✅ Knowing that when a client enquires, you have the skills to deliver exactly what they want, and feel confident to sell yourself!

Then this class is for you!

Lightroom Masterclass

Save time, money, and frustration. Everything you need to know about Lightroom in one place!

Save time

A 5-hour investment for a lifetime of Professional editing skills. If you spend 1 hour a day on this course starting Monday, by Friday you will have learned all the skills, techniques, and workflow of Lightroom that I have taken 10 years to perfect.

Save money

No more money down the drain on presets or tools that don't work. Learn to do things from a REAL expert & professional photographer so you can edit better & faster. I've spent a decade perfecting my skills and workflow into a bulletproof system that minimizes time and maximizes output for incredible work, which leads to really happy clients.

Get into action

10 years of professional editing experience perfectly delivered and organized for you. all you need to do is press play and follow along. You have access to the material forever so you never have to worry about memorizing things or brushing up skills.

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Hi I'm Sam, and this is why I know this photography business stuff:


📷 12 years in Professional photography

👩🏻‍🎤 9 years as a full time freelancer  

🌎 Worked in 10 different countries around the world 

📸 Worked with 100s of clients in fashion, events, travel, and portrait 

🗺 Taught photography and editing in 6 different countries to over 100 students

🎓 Bachelor's Degree in Film

📚Diploma in Professional Photography

📜 Certified in Coaching and business foundations

💻 Training in social media and marketing

 Some of the clients I've worked with


Photographers of every level had success with the Lightroom Masterclass. See it for yourself!

Solana Re

Sam introduced me to Lightroom and has been guiding me along my journey of becoming a professional photographer.
I thought I had nothing left to learn, until I tried her new online course last week. This girl is a never ending source of knowledge, and Lightroom is definitely her expertise!
Don’t miss out on this one, it will not only change the way your content looks, but also the way you work, saving you hours if not years of complicated and unpractical processes.

Jennifer Martin

The way the course is structured into small digestible modules made it so easy to navigate through what I feel is a daunting program. The pace was perfect, she literally answered any questions I had without even having to ask them. I felt so motivated to be more organized with my photos, from uploading, renaming files, structuring folders and lets not forget about the in-depth step-by-step on how to edit/enhance photos. Since taking this course I feel more confident in my editing skills, I don't think I will ever go back to presets again! Thank you Sam for launching this amazing course, this has forever changed the way I look at photos and how I edit. I would definitely recommend to anyone!

Cherisse Agresti

Lightroom can be overwhelming and intimidating! I tried learning on my own, but wasn’t getting very far. Sam’s expertise and knowledge has helped me tremendously! She takes her time in explaining things, making her tips, tricks and shortcuts easy to follow along, understand and remember. For anyone who wants a solid understanding of Lightroom, I highly suggest this online course!!

Juan Faisal

I will never get tired of giving credit to Sam for helping me overcome my fear of Lightroom. She was super detailed walking through her workflow while also helping me connect the dots to build on that and make it my own. I strongly recommend her class A+++

Carly Nogawski

I thought I knew Lightroom pretty well until learning from Sam…WOW! She drastically improved my editing workflow and taught me so many skills that have transformed my photos. Both my Lightroom catalog and hard drive are so much more organized after learning her importing and sorting methods. This was something I didn’t really know I needed in my life as a blogger, but it has seriously been life changing! She really knows how to help creatives take their photos to the next level. I’ve learned from a few different creators/photographers over the years and she is definitely my favorite teacher!

Carolene Meli

Within minutes of listening to Sam teach Lightroom, it is obvious that she really has a deep love for photography and for helping others produce their best creative work, no matter how beginner or advanced they are. She teaches in a way that is clear, to the point, patient and attentive. I learnt so much in my workshop with Sam and I will continue to use the resources that she creates whenever I need help editing. She is my go to Lightroom professional! 

Lauren Pelkey

Sam's passion, skill, and knowledge of photography & editing are truly unmatched. I've seen Sam teach in-person workshops in destinations around the world and to now see all of her skills combined and served on a silver platter in her Lightroom Masterclass is just pure gold. Let's just say you're lucky you've come across this page because she's about to change your photo editing game FOREVER.

Emily Barkemeyer

There’s no question Sam is an amazing photographer and photo editor, but did you know she’s mastered the art of photo organization too!? During this easy to follow, accomplish at your own pace course, she walks you through the details of her personal editing style, the key features you can use in Lightroom to really show off your style and she also shares her photo picking process which has helped me so much! I highly recommend this course if you’re new to LR or if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the sheer amount of photos you have and need to comb through. She has enormously helped my editing and photo storage process! 

Charlotte Lint

I thought I knew a thing or two about editing, but boy was I wrong. Within the timespan of just 1 hour I learned so much from her! Thanks to her I now have a super efficient workflow when it comes to importing and selecting my photos without ending up with extra copies on my computer. She is the best teacher I ever had because Lightroom and editing truly is her passion, and she explains everything in a way that you actually understand! She taught me so many valuable tips and tricks and I can't recommend her course enough! If there is one person that you can absolutely trust when it comes to a Lightroom course it's Sam!

You are only 5 hours away from MASTERING Lightroom

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Inside the Program

What's Inside

Learn to use the library module in depth

Get your images organized, and your workflow optimized. In this class you will learn how to import, store, cull, and categorize not only your new photos, but all your existing albums as well.

Level up your editing and become a pro

Deep dive into the develop module and learn all the tools available to make your photos stand out and look professional. Understand how to use presets and learn to edit from scratch.

Every single module, tool, and button

Nothing goes unanswered! We take a look at all the modules in lightroom, so you can use this powerful software to the fullest. Learn to properly export your images for optimal quality on instagram, websites, print and more!

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