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Photography isn't like most careers. There is no single path to follow for success, and even if you go to school and learn the skills, chances are, no one taught you how to become a professional working photographer.

Well, I've been through the struggle of building a photography business all on my own, and I am here because I want to make your journey easier than mine was. I want to provide you with the tools and education you need to succeed, so it takes you less time, less effort, and less money than it took me. 

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Wether you are just starting out, or looking to level up your current biz, I can help.

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The Photographer Business framework is our main program to help you level up in business.

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"I went from daydreaming to booking paid clients! Thank you Sam for literally changing my life!"

Raez Argulla

"I love Sam, her teaching is accessible for everyone and easy to understand. And she  pushes you to do your best!"

Amanda Molina

"Blessed to have been apart of such greatness. Sam took me to the next level: I need to work smarter not harder."

Sarah spence

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