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Mairead Boland

I couldn't recommend the 12 week programme with Sam enough! She is an incredible teacher and makes the whole process so much fun. Her knowledge and wisdom exudes from her with each lesson and she has a wonderful way of making you feel safe, comfortable and valued.  I loved learning with Sam. She is made to do this work and that shines through in every class and call she delivers. She is electric and contagious!
I feel that the lessons I have learned in this course would have taken me many years of working in the field to learn so having them in my awareness now is great as I continue along this journey with my photography. I am feeling so much happier and confident now with my work than I was when I started. I am so sad that the programme is coming to and end but I loved every minute of it so again.
I was still figuring out how to value myself as a photographer and believe in myself. Now I have my rates and packages figured out, I'm confident about my services and my work, and I am booking many more clients. I am fully booked for this month!!!
Just thank you so much for everything you've taught us and for putting together such a wonderful programme!

Amanda Molina

I absolutely loved the class. I learned SO MUCH. You truly get the full body secrets to a successful business. I was hesitant at first especially during a pandemic. But it was the BEST decision I made for myself. I could not have been able to get all of these lessons all on my own. She broke everything down in a way that is accessible to all learning methods. No matter how you learn, this class is made for all. I love Sam so much and super grateful for all of her continuous support and the motivation she instills in you. Thank you soooooo much Sam!!!!

Getting out of my comfort zone was my biggest breakthrough. I feel like now that’s done, I’m able to rewatch everything again and grow some more as a business. I was doing lots of free shoots and “building portfolio”. Then once I did start charging, they were very low rates and I was afraid to raise them because I thought I’d lose people. But raising my prices did make me feel more appreciated and accomplished, it also made more sense for how much I worked on all the photos.

I love Sam, her teaching is accessible for everyone and easy to understand. And she makes it fun and pushes you to do your best and only wants the best for you. So much appreciation for Sam and support.

Alice Shang

When I was just starting my photography business, I was looking for an online course to help answer all my questions and Sam’s class was exactly what I needed! There are many courses out there on photography 101 or editing but none that covers all the important business aspects - pricing, client communication, legal docs, workflow, etc. Sam does such an amazing job explaining everything in-depth and is also so transparent. I also really appreciated all the individual attention she gives her students and am super impressed she remembers everyone’s names, backstories, questions, etc. I can’t recommend this enough for anyone who is looking to jumpstart their business or take it to the next level!!

 Gaining a wonderful new community of other photographers of both similar and different experience levels as me is great to have people to turn to, to ask questions or bounce ideas!

 When I started, I was just starting my business. I had a couple clients, but didn’t have much experience or knowledge. Now I’ve gained a lot more experience, shot my first wedding, shot my first indoor event with flash, etc. and overall I feel much more confident going into new situations! (Also I’ve more than doubled my hourly rate since I started!!)

Brianne Valentino

Sam gave me all the tools I need to run a successful photography business and I am forever grateful for her. She is such an amazing person. Any questions you had she literally told you what she has been through. Talking to her every week made me realize that I can run my own business. This program deals with everything from the correct mindset to setting up the business and then production. It was definitely worth the investment. I can't wait to put everything I learned into practice and watch my life change for the better!

Emma Connor

In 12 weeks I have booked 6 successful photography shoots and am also now anticipating my very first wedding shoot! Something I never would have had the knowledge or confidence to do before embarking on this course.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Sam! You are incredible at what you do and it was a privilege to learn from you and have you as a mentor to guide me through this stage in my career. After only 12 weeks, I am already so grateful for everything you have taught me and am now excited for my future in photography. which I was anxious and unsure of before. The programme is amazing and you deliver it so well! Forever grateful!
The structured lessons, the template documents provided and the Q&A sessions are articulated so well by Sam and the encouragement and support provided is out of this world! It was also so refreshing to get to know the rest of the wonderful students in my group who all share ideas/challenges/mindsets and build each other up! An absolute gem of a course which has provided the most invaluable knowledge and is well worth every penny! I am so excited to see my career in photography continue to blossom now, all thanks to Sam!

Gabriela Garcia

Don't hesitate to book! I was so sceptical about making this investment but there are absolutely no regrets. The shift in mindset and confidence alone was worth the price tag... But Sam really knows her stuff and covers so much, no matter what area of photography you're in. I really enjoyed hearing the other members talk about their wins, struggles and journey - we all helped each other. This was a great investment! 
My biggest wins were a shift in mindset, knowing I deserve this and that I have the tools to get the experience, confidence and to support myself. Now have a better understanding of how I can support myself financially and the numbers, registering my business, and figuring out my pricing with confidence!
I love you sam! Keep inspiring us and showing us we can go full time and follow our dreams!

Natalie Coster

I cannot shout about Sam and her program enough - it's AMAZING! The course has been everything that I have needed it to be and more. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor.  She's been the angel that I have needed for so long to tell me to chase after my dreams and I cannot thank her enough for that. 
I was feeling guilty parting with a large sum of money, but after these 12 weeks, it has been absolutely worth it and I would pay again and again for the value and mentorship that I have received. Everything has been perfect and has exceeded my expectations! The way that the program is run, the way that everything is communicated, the support, the modules - it is all so efficient and worked extremely well for me and my needs. 
Sam has been the most supportive, encouraging, honest, and inspiring mentor that I could have wished for. She has been exactly what I have needed to take this next step and I have learned so much from her. I'm not able to thank her or sing her praises enough! Genuinely, I have not got a bad word to say about Sam or her program. I have loved every minute of it and am very sad that it is coming to an end! 

Ann-Marie Nolan

Sam's wealth of experience along with her teaching style made this course really interesting from start to finish. The content covers every single aspect needed for a business and through Sam's wealth of experience her knowledge is invaluable.
I truly looked forward to every single week and the structure of each week worked really well.  I always came off the call on a complete high!
The energy on the calls with Sam is fantastic and I would leave every call with a massive smile along with my takeaways and learnings. She is an expert photographer and businesswoman and I adored working together.
I didn't even own a camera at week 1! Now I have a great camera, great knowledge and a pure joy when I pick it up! Im glad I made the decision and investment to do the program and buy my camera, otherwise it would have stayed as a dream.
Thank you so so much Sam!

Jaye Brown

I started out without a camera and no business knowledge. I’ve now gained both, but really need to focus on learning how to use the camera before I can start implementing the business side. But! Now I have a clear understanding of the steps required, and in what order, to make that happen once my skills are up to speed - and for me that’s huge. Having a clear path to follow fits my personality really well because I know what comes next and what I need to do to get there.

I’m still early on, but would say my biggest win has been the decision to enrol in the course; taking a chance, investing in myself and believing that a new path is possible. Now I have this incredible resource and community to help me grow.

Sam is nothing short of amazing! She kept everything real and raw. I felt like no detail was left unsaid, and she explained everything with real examples - all the nitty gritty that I was hoping to learn about. She came to each class pumped with her infectious energy and I always left feeling so inspired. Sam also tailored the content in a way which made it applicable to all photographers whether beginning their journey or already established, which was so helpful for me as I enrolled without even owning a camera yet!

Kendra Penner

I had taken a bit of a break in the past I have mainly just taken jobs that have come my way and now, I have had at least 5 shoots this summer that I have reached out to people for and made happen. My biggest breakthrough was not being afraid to reach out to people! Having the confidence to just go for it and not be worried about peoples responses. 

My experience learning with Sam was amazing! She is so clear, organized and knowledgeable when going through the classes. It was super easy to follow and understand the information she was sharing with us. The personal stories area a great way to express what the industry looks like and give us a point of reference.  

Sam's Beginner to Boss program helped me understand the photography industry more than I ever have. It not only gave me practical information and experience to take forward with me in my career, it also gave me the confidence to put myself out there as a creator and to understand my worth.

Connor Duffy

I was just starting my career with a range of paths to choose and not much knowledge of how to go down any. I now have a good understanding of what I’m doing who I am and who my target is. I have self value and confidence. A professional yet genuine brand image has now been formed!

After making movements in my own personal life I decided to get professional help with my career and guidance on where to go next. Sam was clear, transparent, and to the point. She welcomed me into the course and was even able to help me with payment options.  

Even though the course was at 1am for me, I was excited and driven to make sure I get on. The members were all amazing and each talented in their own field. 

Learning with Sam was enlightening, fun, calm, comfortable. I learnt something new every lesson even on the subjects that I’m comfortable with. There were also times were her mindset and approach pushed me mentally to carry on with my journey and also comforted me in a spiritual direction.

Raez Argulla

When I found this course, I was itching to turn photography into my full time career, but I had so many excuses that held me back.

What Sam offered was exactly what I needed – a no B.S guide on kickstarting your professional photography career, from the most basic concepts, to the most intimidating (pricing, legalizing your business, finding clients, etc.,) I was SOLD!

Was I scared shitless to spend a big chunk of my savings and take a chance on this program? You bet I was! But I was more scared of finding myself in the exact same place in the next 3, 6, or 12 months.

12 weeks later, and I'm so glad I took a chance! I've learned so much and got more shit done in the last three months to move my career forward than I ever thought possible.

I went from daydreaming to fully registering my business, updating my website, creating a marketing strategy and am booking clients! I'm honestly a more professional, confident version of myself after the program, and that is priceless.

Thank you Sam for literally changing my life! On top of the incredible lessons, I've also gained a new community of like-minded and supportive peers.

If you're ready to invest in yourself and go after your goals, this program is for you. You won't regret it!

Natasha St Cyr

Absolutely incredible course providing so much value for photographers on any level! Yes, any level - because all the information is organized and delivered in the most effective ways.

Sam is also an amazing coach that works intuitively and knows what her students need - someone needs a push, someone a reminder to slow down and focus on most important tasks, someone needs a compliment, etc. She also works tirelessly and is so into her job it's contagious which makes it impossible for students to be lazy or uninterested.

Back in April I'd just learned basic photography concepts. By now I've tried working with different clients and found what type of photography excites me: I even got emotional taking pictures at the last concert I captured. I've built a website, made contracts and other templates, scheduled to second shoot a wedding in August, and am SO CONFIDENT I am at the right place at the right time it's PRICELESS! There's no rush and no frustration and I can't be more thankful!  

 This course taught me so much, and I will be definitely rewatching all the lessons many times in the future, as well as be happy to take more courses from Sam.

Sarah Spence

No matter what level of photography you are at Samanta Katz's class is a one stop shop. Everything you need to know and more. Sam is a hands on teacher who is ready to let you know all the in's and out's and teach you how to run a successful business from the ground up. I wish I had found this class 5 years ago when I started my photography company. You also get to connect to so many other photographers and help one another grow as you learn and network. What Sam is building here is big and its amazing, I highly recommend if you are starting out or if you just need more structure to your company.

Connecting to other photographers, hearing feed back about my work, adding more structure to my company made me realize I am worth more as a photographer and I need to charge more. Adding a tone of structure to my company (Website). Knowing that we all make mistakes hearing stories of how we can learn from one another. Bounce ideas off of fellow students and teacher. I had lots of wins throughout the classes.

Sam was a hands on teacher she answered all questions and helped guide me to structure company. My experience was great, sad its over. Blessed to have been apart of such greatness. Sam is an inspiration, I Inspire to be like her and I look up to her. Sam took me to the next level of why I need to work smarter not harder.

Deanna Lajoie

Sam is a great teacher! She’s fun & energetic & is able to really break things down in a way to make you have a clear understanding of the ins and outs of the subject she is discussing; whether it’s marketing to contracts.

I think the marketing, pricing, insurance & web design have been super helpful! (The whole course has been). I feel a lot more comfortable in my mindset & pricing. I now feel I have a clear path & checklist to press on with, where at the start I was all over the place & unsure of which steps I should take to pursue photography full time.

Would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to pursue photography as a full time profession even if you have some training already.

Chloe Deboosere

Sam is an incredible teacher - you can really see that she has tons of experience (equal to almost 10 years). I'm impressed how she always gave a very appropriate example whenever she got a question regarding a specific situation, she immediately knows and can imagine the situation and gives the best advice ever :). Besides the fact that she's an awesome coach, she feels like a trustable smart friend where you can also have lots of fun with! 

The insights, all the stories with so many experiences that could help us to avoid any mistakes in the future were my biggest takeaway.

I felt so good - comfortable - Sam feels like a friend to me, she's so knowledgable and wants to share as much as she can - incredible experience with Sam!!

Isabeau De Jaeger

Sam's course is amazing! She got me out of my comfort zone and booking my very first shoots to get some experience! She has a lot of wise advice that really helped me. I was just taking nature pics as a hobby, now I'm doing shoots and have a clear vision! 
Sam is sweet and honest! She tells you you have to go out there and makes sure you do it! She is just so nice and makes you excited for your journey ahead! Because of the course I have a clear vision of what steps I need to take next which is sooo helpful! Thanks Sam, it has been awesome!

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Other Students


Charlotte Lindt

"Within the timespan of just 1 hour I learned so much from her! Thanks to her I now have a super efficient workflow. She is the best teacher I ever had because it truly is her passion. Plus she explains everything in a way that you actually understand it! Something that is really important when you're just starting out! Over the past years she taught me so many valuable tips and tricks and I can't recommend her course enough! If there is one person that you can absolutely trust it's Sam!"

Lauren Pelkey

"Sam's passion, skill, and knowledge of photography & editing are truly unmatched. I've seen Sam teach in-person workshops in destinations around the world and to now see all of her skills combined and served on a silver platter in her online course is just pure gold. Let's just say you're lucky you've come across this page because she's about to change your photo game FOREVER."

Carolene Meli

"Within minutes of listening to Sam teach, it is obvious that she really has a deep love for photography and for helping others produce their best creative work, no matter how beginner or advanced they are. She teaches in a way that is clear, to the point, patient and attentive. I learnt so much in my workshop with Sam and I will continue to use the resources that she creates whenever I need help!"

Solana Re

"I thought I had nothing left to learn, until I tried her new online course.This girl is a never ending source of knowledge! Don’t miss out on this one, it will not only change the way your content looks, but also the way you work, saving you hours if not years of complicated and unpractical processes."

Cherisse Agresti

"I tried learning on my own, but wasn’t getting very far. Sam’s expertise and knowledge has helped me tremendously! She takes her time in explaining things, making her tips, tricks and shortcuts easy to follow along, understand and remember. For anyone who wants solid understanding, I highly suggest this online course!!"

Emily Berkenmeyer

"There’s no question Sam is an amazing photographer and photo editor. I highly recommend Sam’s course if you’re new or if you’re feeling overwhelmed. She has enormously helped my editing and photography process!"

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