My newest program is here...

The Photographer Roadmap

A self-paced online program to help you become the photographer you were always meant to be!


So what if I told you the key to unlocking your creative potential is right here

  • Have the skills, the confidence and the creativity to bridge the gap between your vision and your finished photos
  • Transform your body of work into one of those stunning feeds you admire so much, and become yourself the actual mood-board as your instagram feed and portfolio level up beyond your imagination
  • Own all the knowledge in one place, organized as a step by step roadmap, yours forever to keep, so you can work at your own pace and continue growing without limits

The photographer you dream of being is on the other side of this step by step roadmap to creativity, clarity, and confidence!

I've been the girl struggling to figure out how to create what I envisioned...

"You really have an eye for this" people used to tell me, yet, I looked around and everyone was a better photographer than I was, and I was nowhere near my full potential.

So I saved all my money to afford my first REAL camera, knowing my photos would finally look amazing. But once I bought it the disappointment was real. I spent an entire year taking photos of everything, everyone, everywhere, and my style was not getting any better.

I was struggling with my camera, feeling frustrated with the gap between my vision and my photos. I was looking at other photographers, and wishing my own pictures could look just as amazing. It took me actually knowing what to learn, to start seeing a real change.

So if you're a photography enthusiast who's made the leap to a new camera but still finds yourself stuck in auto mode, it's time to take control of your photography journey and turn your dreams into reality, and I'm going to make sure the journey for you is faster, easier, and way more fun...


The Photographer Roadmap

  • 6 Core modules, over 70 videos with detailed explanations, photo samples, and on-location shoots and BTS demonstrations
  • Lifetime access to all modules, bonus modules and any new modules created in the future

  • Homework, tools & workbooks to keep you accountable 

  • Cheat sheets, creative ideas, and done for you resources

Imagine these results:

  • The joy of creating photos that truly reflect your vision and style, photos that you're proud to share with the world. No more struggling with your camera and editing apps, and instead creating visual masterpieces.

  • Technical hurdles don't hold you back any longer, and you discover how easy and exciting photography can be.

  • You unleash your inner artist and build a breathtaking Instagram feed and portfolio that reflects your unique style.



Inside the program


Buy once, own forever



What if your photos could look like this?

I know you are probably thinking...

"I'm not good with the tech stuff, I tried learning online and the terms and concepts are too confusing"

"I'm too old to learn new things and 'm not really a creative person"

"There are no new ideas and too many photographers are already better than me"

"I take better photos with my phone because my camera is not good enough"

"I already spent so much on equipment I don't use, why keep investing"


And most importantly:

"What if I'm just simply not good at it?"

The truth is: You can ABSOLUTELY be amazing at it!

Photography is a skillset that anyone can learn, and creativity exists within you because you are unique! You just need some help finding your style and developing your skills!

I am going to teach you the exact skills I learned in photography school (that I paid $12,000 for) , plus the things I learned from 15 years behind the lens, and working as a professional all over the globe.

I will transform the way you capture the world through your lens.

I understand that technical jargon and complex camera settings can sound daunting and, frankly, a little dull. That's why I'm here to show you that learning the art and science of photography can be an exciting and creative adventure!


Picture this...

  • You are confident handling your camera with ease
  • You are inspired and have a constant stream of creative ideas, and the know-how to make them a reality
  • You know how to work with models (professional and not), because you have the skills to direct people and create what you envision
  • You have quick access to all this new knowledge and tools in one place, neatly organized as and available to you FOREVER
  • You are no longer getting disappointed by those elusive one-click solutions that promise to magically transform your photos, because you finally understand how it all works.

You finally are the photographer you dream of being after this step-by-step roadmap through creativity, clarity, and confidence!

Why Choose this program?

  • 📸 Technical Skills Simplified: Forget the jargon. We break down the technical aspects of your camera and photography theory into bite-sized, easy-to-understand lessons. You'll unlock the power of your camera effortlessly.

  • 🌟 Unleash Your Creativity: Photography isn't just about settings and numbers; it's about capturing moments and emotions. We'll teach you creative skills like posing, framing, ideating a shoot, directing models, and editing, so you can infuse your photos with your unique style.

  • 🖼️ Create Stunning Visual Stories: Learn how to see and manipulate light, understand composition, and bring your vision to life. Your photos will tell stories, evoke emotions, and leave your audience in awe.

  • 🌈 Master the Art of Editing: Say goodbye to the endless search for the perfect filter or editing app. We'll guide you through using Lightroom like a pro, ensuring your photos are truly Instagram-worthy.

  • 📷 Know Your Gear: We simplify the world of photography gear. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity. You'll know exactly what you need to achieve your creative goals.

  • 📆 Structured Learning: Our 7-module program is designed to be completed in just one month, providing you with a clear path to becoming the photographer you aspire to be.


Don't just take my word for it


By the way, I'm Sam!

And I really shouldn't have made it here, but here I am...

I was a South American immigrant who barely spoke English when we moved to Canada, and the fact that today I am a world-traveling photographer (visited 57 countries, taught in 6, worked in 10, lived in 4) and taught more than 100 students around the world, is still pretty mind blowing to me.

I've been passionate about photography for 15 years, andosmewhere along the way I realized I loved sharing what I knew, and people loved hearing my stories and learning from my way of seeing the world of photography.


Why I created this program... 

After years of teaching photography to eager enthusiasts all around the globe, I've witnessed the same dreams, desires, and struggles in countless budding photographers. People like you who yearn for more than just a fleeting snapshot but seek to capture moments with finesse. I've been fortunate to unlock the code of using cameras, nurturing creativity, and transforming ordinary individuals into skilled professional photographers.

And now, I'm thrilled to present my most comprehensive online photography program. It's not just about affordability; it's about making high-quality photography education accessible to everyone. This program is a culmination of my passion, experience, and dedication to help you reach your full potential.

I want you to unleash your Inner Artist

In this program you'll discover not just the technical aspects of photography but a wealth of creative skills that will set your images apart. The knowledge you gain will be presented in the simplest way, allowing your creativity to flow freely. You'll finally have a roadmap to guide you, providing the clarity you've longed for and the confidence you need to conquer your photographic aspirations.

Say goodbye to one-click solutions and hello to genuine skills that will make your photos truly amazing. With this program, you'll no longer feel stuck in auto mode, endlessly searching for the right filter, or struggling with unfamiliar camera settings. You'll be equipped with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to make your photography dreams come to life.


Your creativity, clarity, and confidence await

You are one click away from becoming the photographer you've always dreamt of being. Say goodbye to deceptive one-click fixes that claim to transform your photos magically; instead, embrace genuine skills that will truly elevate your photography with the technical aspects and skillset broken down into the simplest terms, allowing your creativity to soar.

Buy once, own forever