One on One Coaching

1on1 coaching is the best way to receive personalized support, define targets, achieve goals, and take your business to the next level. Private coaching is curated support that fits you and your business perfectly.

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A coach is a manager, a cheerleader, and a therapist all in one


What You Get

The Roadmap

we work together to define your specific career and life goals, and get clarity on on how to achieve them. We work together to get you through each step of the way.

Regular calls

depending on the program you choose, you get bi-weekly to monthly calls with me. We meet one hour each time to not only keep you accountable and on track, but to help you work through blocks, give you resources and detailed support.

Full Access

Private coaching is all about personalized support. In-between calls you have access to me, and on top of the calls I will provide you with tools and resources to make your life easier.

Working With Me

If we work together it means I believe in you. I am very selective with who I work one on one, because if I'm in, I am fully in.
When we work together I become your personal cheerleader, and I will create a bespoke coaching program for you and what YOU need.

My Experience:
📷 12 years in Professional photography
👩🏻‍🎤 10 years as a full time freelancer  
🌎 Worked in 10 different countries around the world 
📸 Worked with 100s of clients in fashion, events, travel, and portrait 
🗺 Taught photography in 6 different countries to over 100 students
🎓 Bachelor's Degree in Film
📚Diploma in Professional Photography
📜 Certified in Coaching and business foundations
💻 Training in social media and marketing

My coaching programs start at $1500 and are based on chemistry and compatibility. Book a free discovery call so we can chat and see if we are a match to work together.


Ready to dive in? For entrepreneurs and business of all kind, I offer single 45m coaching calls to answer specific questions, help you get clear on your goals, and give you tools and support to unlock your potential.


Why I Coach

Over 12 years ago when I started my photography business on my own, I didn't have the confidence, the strategy or the business tools to succeed, so being profitable took me much longer than it should have.

I started investing in coaching only a few years ago, and it paid off almost immediately. I am where I am in my career thanks to the many coaches and programs that supported me along the way.

I realized that my experience and education as a photographer, could serve a greater purpose than furthering just my career, so I decided it was time to pass on everything I know and help photographers achieve their goals too.

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I want you to know that you got what it takes, and that you are ready. The only thing keeping you from a successful photography business is the right tools, the support, and the commitment.

All it takes is for you to make a decision today to invest in your yourself and your business.

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